Leeja "Lexi" Rysto

Wandering dancer and hypnotic enchantress. Not much else is known of this beautiful woman besides the fact that her looks and curves have tamed its share. But what lies beneath the elegant exterior? Few know.

RP Hooks:

  • Being a entertainer, she's always on the move from town to town.

  • Maybe you have a job for her, or hire her for anything in particular.

  • Night time is her favorite time, so maybe you catch site of her as she wanders around in the middle of the night either in the forests or near a body of water.

  • On the occasion, she'd sell herself for gil, but she is rather picky on who she'd accept.

Things to note:

  • A bulk of the screens for her are either in the Twitter or F-list linked below.

  • All RPs that I RP, not including ERPs, are generally written down in a summary story post in my Tumblr unless otherwise discussed.

  • General ERP conducted in-game is generally considered non-canon unless otherwise discussed or occurs within story-driven RPs.

  • When conversing in discord, things usually stay in the persona of the character to keep RL mitigated unless otherwise discussed.

  • Communication is key. Do not hesitate to speak openly on anything that you'd either prefer or dislike in RP.

Character stats

Name: Leeja Rysto
Nicknames: Lexi
Sex: Female
Orientation: Gay
Race: Viera | Rava
Age: 24
Place of Birth: Uknown
Current Residence: Shirogane | Wanderer
Occupation: Dancer | Entertainer
Drink | Smoke | Drugs: Yes | No | No


Height/Weight: 6′4″(not including ears) | 180lbs
Hair colour: Red/Yellow highlights
Eye colour: Red
Skin/fur tone: Tanned brown
Body type: Tall, feminine and slender yet curvacious
Health status: Completely healthy and fit. No health issues to date.
Scars: None
Strengths: Her feminine looks, sexual prowess, intellectual brain, strength in aetheric arts
Weaknesses: She can get hotheaded, unwilling to accept defeat, ties to the void.


Likes: Woman, wine, dresses, flowers, causing sexual pain,
Dislikes: Being restricted, Hot weather, Dominants, Arrogance
Hates: Men
Fears: Her own mind


Much of her history of where she came from as well as who her parents were unknown to her. Her life started when she was discovered as a baby bun on a boat landing along the shores of Thavnair, and being discovered by a troupe of entertainers. The head of which being a young couple who've decided to bring her in and raise her as their own, unknown to her destiny.


While young, she was an exuberant, curious girl. Always getting into trouble and vying for all the attention. Smart for someone of her age, and also rather gifted in most she did.

As she grew, her personality would shift. Becoming more confidant, selfish and egotistical. Flamboyant, conniving, and sadistic are just a few other terms that could classify what she has become by this point. Though deep down, she is broken and weak. She just hides much of her real self from those around her.

Over the years, she has even become something of a sexually active woman. So much so that she'd even sell herself off to make gil, while also perfecting more of her other skills along the way.


Her most proficient skill is her charm, which she was naturally adept at as she grew in years. Learning the best way to proficiently use her charm in many situations thanks in part to the ladies in the troupe she grew up with.

Besides her charm, she's even skilled in the fans, which she uses in her role as a dancer. Primarily for entertainment and as a means of distraction. When she doesn't have a fan in hand, she'd have a dagger when completing other jobs.

She's even learned how to use alchemy, which she started when she was young. She has since grown to be rather proficient enough to use it in other means. From pyrotechnics to hypnotic situations. Including in the aetheric arts she has been training in for years also.

With her abilities, she's been able to conduct various tasks swiftly and quietly while also indulging in her many pleasures.

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